Miscellaneous Part Number: H42-BLK
Marine.com Part Number: 10-cush42blk
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    Behind the Head Headset

    with PTT Boom Mic

    Model: H42-BLK
    • Molded color domes
    • Clear Hear audio speakers
    • 3.5mm input jack for music & scanners
    • Over the head Velcro strap
    • Red M1 mic with wire boom
    • Push to talk with waterproof cover
    • Foam mic muff
    • 5 pin universal radio port
    • Long lasting polyurethane ear seals
    • Stainless steel headband
    • Easy to use volume control
    • High bend test cabling

    Behind-the-Head design. This headset is used in applications from auto racing to industrial, and heavy equipment operation, providing tough reliable 2-way communication.

    Features DNC microphone for clear transmissions and Clear Hear speakers for unsurpassed audio performance. Rugged headsets are built to perform in extreme noise environments - combining the latest technology and firm, yet comfortable fit for optimum communication.

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