Lewmar Part Number: 0058103
Marine.com Part Number: 10-lew0058103
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    Lewmar 7LB LFX Alloy Fluke


    Model: 0058103
    • High-grade anodized aluminum components
    • Lightweight and strong holding power
    • Quickly disassembles for stowage
    • No welds
    • Adjustable shank/fluke angle dependent on sea-bed
    • Easily replaceable parts

    The new Lewmar LFX fluke anchor is constructed from High-grade anodized aluminum components delivering a lightweight, stylish anchor with a powerful holding power.

    The FLX Quickly disassembles for stowage as well as making parts easily replaceable. The FLX has an adjustable angled fluke for faster setting in sand or mud seabeds making it the ideal secondary anchor.

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