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    Deluxe Anti-Exposure Coverall & Worksuit - XL - Orange

    The best protection and comfort


    Completely insulated with Mustang Airsoft™ foam to deliver an immersed clo value of 0.420, the MS2175 deluxe suit delivers significantly more hypothermia protection than just a jacket or pant. This, combined with maximum flotation in the event of accidental water immersion makes the MS2175 an excellent choice for activities around colder northern waters.

    Suitable for a wide range of uses from recreational boating to industries like offshore oil and gas work to the rigors of the US Coast Guard, the deluxe anti-exposure suit is comfortable and roomy so it won't impede your activities.

    Approvals on this product are dependant on color.

    Type V Work Suit (Approved Substitute for a Type III PFD when worn)
    • 2 - Orange
    • 33 - Orange/Black

    Type V (Approved Substitute for a Type III PFD when worn)
    • 5 - Navy
    • 6 - Gold
    • 7 - Olive
    • 13- Black

    • Hypothermia and flotation protection - Immersed clo 0.420
    • Inflatable head support pillow for additional buoyancy
    • Relaxed fit for comfort and mobility
    • Neoprene wrist closures for weather protection
    • Tug-Tites® at thighs and ankles cinch easily to improve fit and minimize water flushing to delay onset of hypothermia
    • Ergonomic insulated hood easily folds into collar
    • SOLAS reflective tape for improved visibility
    • Chest and front cargo pockets for extra storage
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