Iris Innovations Ltd Part Number: IRIS001 Part Number: 11-44270
Product Status: Discontinued
Price: $386.99
Retail: $550.00
You Save: $163.01 (29.6%)

    Dual Camera Unit

    Our very first, and arguably most important marine camera housing, the IM-DCS-01 (Docking Camera System) really put Iris on the road to the recognition which today sees us at the top of our very rare tree.

    Inside the IM-DCS-01 there are TWO miniature 3.6mm colour cameras, each mounted onto a three way fully adjustable bracket, in effect, providing a similar view as if the boat was fitted with "Chameleon's eye's" with cameras on both sides of the craft.

    The camera system also sits on a rubber mounting boot to help cushion the vibration from the boats engines when manoeuvering.

    To the best of our knowledge, there's nothing else like the DCS on the market, so if its 180° visibility that you're looking for down both sides of your craft, then the IM-DCS-01 is in a league of its own!
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