Iris Innovations Ltd Part Number: IRIS604 Part Number: 11-44287
Product Status: Discontinued
Price: $709.49
Retail: $1,030.00
You Save: $320.51 (31.1%)

    Video Quad Switcher

    If you want to display multiple images at once on your screen then you're going to need a Quad Switcher. With 4 camera inputs, 2 outputs and featuring the same control method as the DCS-06, our DCS-Q4 Quad Switcher gets stowed away, well out of view, and is controlled using the DCS-04Q keypad, which is waterproof, UV stabilised and only measures 7cm². Multiple keypads can be added during installation to increase control options.

    The DCS-Q4 can display individual camera inputs, all 4 cameras in a quad formation and picture-in-picture presets. Images can be frozen on screen and output to a recorder, and you can also pan around the image using the keypad controller.

    Predominantly designed as a component of a multicamera docking system, the feature rich DCS-Q4 can also be used as a vital component of any on board security system.
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