Actisense Part Number: QNB-1 Part Number: 11-51803
Product Status: Back Order
Price: $182.47

    Quick Network Block Central Connector
    Fault-free, NMEA 2000® backbone connections...

    The Actisense QNB-1 provides flexible alternatives to multiple connectors reducing the cost of an NMEA 2000 cable installation.

    QNB-1 is perfectly suited to areas of high instrument density, such as engine bays, as six network drops can be connected.

    The QNB-1 can limit the current to the safe level for the network. The LEDs provide information for the installer during set up and use to indicate the presence of data, power status, power reversal and to show whether the fuses are intact.

    Benefits of the QNB-1 versions:
    • One unit provides six NMEA 2000 drops
    • Power hook up is protected
    • Simple installation on Mini and Micro networks
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