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    USG-2 Isolated USB To Serial Gateway For Use w/NMEA0183,RS422 And RS232

    The USG-2 converts a USB port into a bi-directional serial port suitable for
    connecting to a marine standard NMEA 0183 data bus.

    It provides a far safer connection when compared to standard USB to serial converters.Electrical isolation is provided by the ISO-DriveTM output and OPTO-isolated input making installation simple and free from groundloops.
    The input uses the Actisense OPTO-isolation circuitry to protect any connected equipment from the most common system faults.The input can receive very low level signals that are often too small to be received by a PC erial port.

    The high quality,shielded USB lead included with the USG-2 makes connection to a PC simple while providing a high level of water protection when connected to the custom designed USB socket.The pluggable screwless connector makes installation quick and easy, and the specifically designed DIN rail mount option ensures a reliable secure bulkhead mount for the USG-2.Multiple LEDs make diagnosing connection issues quick and easy.The blue power LED Illuminates solid blue when the USB driver has successfully loaded and the USG-2 is powered, while a green (receive) LED and an orange (transmit) LED indicate whether data is present.

    • NMEA 0183, RS422
    • RS232 compatible
    • ISO-Drive™ technology
    • Isolated input (2500V)
    • Isolated output (1500V)
    • Encapsulated electronics
    • High retention USB socket
    • Diagnostic LEDs
    • Baud rates from 300 to 230400 bps
    • Bulkhead mount,with optional DIN rail mount kit
    • Pluggable screwless connector with locking latch & strain
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