B&G Part Number: 000-13296-001
Marine.com Part Number: 11-62386
Product Status: Back Order
ETA Date: 8/5/2020
Price: $269.00

    Triton² Autopilot Controller

    This intuitive keypad can be combined with a B&G Triton² Display to create a fully-featured autopilot controller, including B&G's Intelligent Sail Steering functionality and Smart Manoeuvre controls.

    This intuitive keypad can be combined with the Triton² Instrument display to create a fully-featured autopilot controller. Benefit from B&G's intelligent sail-specific functionality for compass and wind steering, Smart Manoeuvre controls for easy tacking and gybing, and MFD / chart plotter integration for waypoint and route navigation. Take complete control of your autopilot with a simple seven-button keypad, built for safe and reliable operation in all conditions.

    • Dimensions: 60 x 115 x 32mm (2.4" x 4.5" x 1.3")
    • Weight: 0.12kg (0.3lbs)
    • Power Consumption: 1.4 Watts
    • Network Load: 3 LEN
    • Color: Black
    • Environmental Protection, Waterproof: Waterproof rating: IPx7
    • Environmental Protection, Humidity: Up to 95% RH
    • Compass Safe Distance: 300mm (1.0")
    • Temperature Operating: -15 to +55°C (5°F to +13°F)
    • Temperature Storage: -30 to +70°C (-22 to +158°F)

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