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    S5100 Module Redefining High-Performance Sonar

    The S5100 high-performance CHIRP sonar module delivers true simultaneous coverage of up to three different depth ranges, at high resolution, making it the perfect sonar solution for offshore sportfishing anglers.

    Simultaneous split-screen viewing capability puts you in complete control of the water column; while advanced processing technology allows you to fish with noise-free clarity at all depth ranges without ever losing bottom depth tracking.

    Mix and match your favorite transducer coverage and transmit power for wide and narrow beam-widths to reveal more fish, detecting small and tightly spaced fish and identifying thermoclines - or adjust specific CHIRP frequencies from 28 to 250 kHz to precisely target specific depths producing big, crisp arches with clear target separation.

    • 3 fully independent sonar channels deliver high-resolution coverage
    • Noise-free clarity at all depth ranges
    • Combine any three frequency ranges to target multiple depths, including Ultra-Low, Low, Medium, or High CHIRP
    • Compatible with wide-angle CHRIP transducers for greater coverage of the water column
    • Simultaneous split-screen viewing of multiple depth ranges on your display
    • Maximum depth of 3,000 meters/10,000 feet (transducer dependent)
    • Easy to install with three plug-and-play 9-pin transducer connectors
    • Compatible with Simrad NSS evo3 and NSS evo2 multifunction displays, NSO evo2 systems and S2000-series fishfinders
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