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    ML-1 LED Spreader/Deck Light

    Forespar® now offers two mast light systems of superior quality. Model ML-1 is a deck light designed primarily for installation on the mast just below the spreaders. Model ML-2 is a combination deck-steaming light with separate switching, to be mounted on the forward part of the mast.

    The ML-1 and ML-2 lights feature a durable molded polymer housing assembly with a readily adaptable wraparound mounting apron to accommodate virtually any mast surface curvature. For 12V systems. Replacement bulbs are available from Forespar® and most marine dealers.


    • Lightweight
    • Rugged Composite Material Adaptable to Mast Radius of Ease in Mounting
    • 20W
    • Adaptable to Mast Radius of Ease in Mounting
    • 20W Easily Replaceable Halogen Type Bulb 1.4 amps
    • Weighs 4 oz. – Measures 3-5/8” Vertically
    • Provided with 6” of Twin-Lead Wire
    • Molded Body
    • Available in black finish only
    • Replacement bottom ring for NL-1 & 2
    • Top bulb ML-2
    • Bottom Bulb ML-1 & 2.
    • Top Clear Lens, ML-2 only.
    • Protect your mast lights from sails and birds
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