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    Replacement Hinge for Coleman® & Rubbermaid® Coolers - 2 Pack

    Cooler Shield Type C Hinges are compatible with the Coleman® and Rubbermaid® Coolers. Cooler Shield Replacement Hinges are designed to replace Coleman® and Rubbermaid® factory installed hinges. Cooler Shield Hinges are guaranteed for the life of your cooler. If your Cooler Shield Hinge fail, we will replace them. Cooler Shield Hinge's unique heavy duty design and lifetime warranty differentiates them from the original factory installed cooler hinge. The hole positions are 1.5" on center, left to right and top to bottom. For use on the following Coleman cooler models: 5254D, 5255D, 5227B, 5240,5241, 5241A, 5245, 5848, 5896, 5850, 5250, 5278, 5293, 5298, 5299A, 6200, 6240, 6250, 6251,6260, 6262, 6263, 6270, 6273, 6286.

    This model is also compatible with Gott®, and Thermos®coolers that have hinges with a square hole pattern.

    The hinges are: UV resistant, food safe, recyclable, Made inUSA, self-lubricating, corrosion resistant. The hinge pin and screws are 316Stainless Steel. The Coleman® and Rubbermaid® compatible design requires nodrilling and the original holes may be used. Hinges feature an auto stop designto a neutral rest position for the lid.

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