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    Rescue Life Light® for Life Jackets & Life Rafts

    Life Light® is a state-of-the-art, U.S. Coast Guard approved Life Jacket Light. Life Light® rescue light is a water-activated, LED flashing signal light to aid rescuers in locating a person adrift and in distress at sea. Simply attach Life Light to your safety gear and forget it. Since it is water activated, there are no complicated operating instructions. 


    • Life Light® is lightweight and easy to attach to life jackets. You can also attach Life Light® to a life raft, safety harness, work vest, EPIRB, ditch kit, VHF radio, ring buoy, even a dog’s collar. 
    • Activates when Life Light® becomes immersed in salt or freshwater. Will not activate with just splashes of water during recreational activities.
    • Life Light® flashes for over 300 hours, unlike other common competitor products that only flash for 8-12 hours
    • Rescuers will be able to see Life Light® from 2.5 miles away, ensuring they can find you faster.
    • Unlike other products on the market, Life Light® will never corrode. There are no compartments to open, no switches to fail, and you never need to replace the batteries.
    • Life Light® units have a five-year shelf life.
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