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Marine.com Part Number: 11-87991

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    FREEDOM EX 4000 - 4000W Inverter/Charger 80A 120V/48VDC

    The FREEDOM EX 4000 is a truly unique, true sine wave power solution packing a powerful 48VDC, 4000W (8000W [5s]) inverter, 80A 48VDC battery charger, 50A transfer relay, and a 48VDC to 12VDC, 45A converter inside one box. Designed for mobile applications that utilize 48VDC battery systems, the FREEDOM EX 4000 is designed to work as a standalone AC and DC power solution or supplement an existing generator to create a hybrid system. The FREEDOM EX 4000 features the most widely used communication protocols – RV-C (RV), enabling it to be used in virtually any application that requires integration with 3rd party MFPs and software.


    • Stack up to 3 units in parallel; up to 2 units in series
    • 48VDC to 12VDC converter output
    • Highly configurable charger specifically designed for lithium-ion batteries
    • Built-in 50A Transfer Relay 
    • Extended Surge Rating to 2X continuous power for 5 seconds
    • True Sine Wave AC Power
    • Ignition Control Feature to turn the inverter on/off via a 12VDC signal
    • Easily configurable settings to charge any lithium-ion battery
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