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ACR GPS Interface Cable f/2875 SAT 3 EPIRB
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ACR Electronics Item #: 11-39122 -

GPS Interface Cable for 2875 Sat 3 EPIRBOptical GPS interface cable - Cat II. This connects the Satellite3 406 to your vessel's GPS receiver to continuously update and store precise position data. GPS positioning provides SAR notification typically within 2-15 minutes.

Lowrance 1" Ball Mount Bracket
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Price: $54.00
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Lowrance Item #: 11-30237 -

MB-7R-A-M 1" ball mount bracket with arm and mounting plate.Works with: Accura 240, Cuda 168 EX, FishEasy 2, FishElite 320, FishElite 480, FishElite 500C, FishElite 502C iGPS, FishElite 640C, FishElite 642C iGPS, FishMark 160, FishMark 240, FishMark 320, FishMark 480, FishMark 500C, FishMark 640C, GlobalMap 2400, GlobalMap 2400, GlobalMap 3200, GlobalMap 3300C, GlobalMap 3500C, GlobalMap 4800, IntelliMap 320, IntelliMap 480, IntelliMap 500C, IntelliMap 502C iGPS, IntelliMap 642C iGPS,...

Lowrance MB-8 1-1/2" Ball Mount Bracket
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Lowrance Item #: 11-28974 -

MB-8R-A-M 1-1/2" ball mount bracket with long arm and mounting plate.Works with: FishMark 160, FishMark 240, GlobalMap 1000, GlobalMap 2000, GlobalMap 2400, GlobalMap 3000, GlobalMap 4000M, GlobalMap 5000C, GlobalMap 6000C, GlobalMap 7000C, GlobalNav II, GlobalNav IIA, LCX-104C, LCX-111C HD, LCX-113C HD, LCX-15CI, LCX-15CT, LCX-15MT, LCX-16CI, LCX-17M, LCX-18C, LCX-19C, LCX-20C, LCX-25C, LCX-26C HD, LCX-27C, LCX-28C HD, LCX-37C, LCX-38C HD, LMS-240, LMS-350, LMS-350A, X-70, X-70A, X-71,...

NavPod GP1055 SailPod Precut f/Garmin GPSMAP® 5012 & 5212 f/9.5" Guard
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Price: $441.80
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NavPod Item #: 11-41590 -

Part #: GP1055Description: SailPod, Precut for Garmin 5012 & 5212Grand Prix series outer silicone seal is complemented by an internal seal made of memory resistant urethane foam gasketing that keeps its shape and sealing ability. Polished stainless steel tamperproof fasteners. NavPod allows you to place your electronics within reach.

NavPod PP5203 PowerPod Precut f/Raymarine C125/127 & E125/127
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Price: $530.17
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NavPod Item #: 11-53682 -

PP5203 PowerPod Pre-Cut for Raymarine c125/c127, e125/e127PP5200 Series, PowerPods for Power are a better option than bracket mounting. PowerPods provide a clean look for flush mounting with the advantage of a swivel base.The trunion bracket that is supplied with most electronics is not optimal. PowerPods have the advantage of protecting the back of the electronics from harsh saltwater spray. Most manufacturers do an excellent job of protecting the face of the display from water intrusion with...